Deutsche Vereinigung für Politikwissenschaft
Frist: 15.12.2019

CfP – ECPR SG on Regulatory Governance 2020 – Panel: European integration and disintegration through the back door: policy implementation, evaluation, and enforcement, Exeter

Panel: European integration and disintegration through the back door: policy implementation, evaluation, and enforcement

Chairs: Ellen Mastenbroek, Eva Thomann, Esther Versluis


The process of European Union (EU) integration is currently facing political and legitimacy challenges at the domestic level. As a result, we witness developments of member states’ attempted or successful disintegration (e.g., Brexit) and differentiated integration (e.g. regarding asylum policies). At the same time, the discussion about the future of European integration notably neglects the operational side of EU multi-level governance and its crucial role for making European integration work in practice. This panel invites empirical as well as conceptual contributions that assess the role of processes of EU policy implementation, enforcement, and policy evaluation in the current dynamics of European integration and disintegration—as well as their mirror images, Europeanization in forward and reverse gear. Examples of questions addressed include: what is the function and role of “differentiated policy implementation” in the political and policy processes of EU governance? How, why, and with what effects do EU actors and member states engage in enforcement as an activity to pursue their political and policy goals? How do processes of policy evaluation and learning contribute to EU governance in practice? We especially encourage contributions that adopt a focus beyond EU and domestic regulations “on paper” and that link different stages of the EU regulatory process.

Please send your abstracts of no more than 200 words to e.thomannexeter.acuk until 15.12.2019. Abstracts should state the research question, relevance, core contribution, data and methods of the paper.


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