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Veröffentlicht am: 04.08.2022

Open-rank Professorship for Environmental Governance and Global Development (80-100%)

Wyss Academy for Nature, University of Bern

Bewerbungsfrist: 01.09.2022

Despite global interconnectedness, human decision-making and institution-building are often fragmented, poorly coordinated, and inapt in dealing with pressing social and ecological challenges. This professorship will study the role of formal and informal institutions and their interplay with public and private actors in shaping environmental governance from the local to the global levels. The aim is to analyze complex human-environmental systems with focus on the potential for innovative governance and levers for sustainable solutions in the Wyss Academy’s Regional Stewardship Hubs. Integrated in the Wyss Academy, the professorship will advance the understanding of cross-sectoral and multi-level decision-making, and explore pathways toward coping with ecological, technical and social changes, as well as the role of power disparities in these pathways.

We are seeking candidates with a social-scientific background, ideally with a specialization in political science, and have worked on topics related to environmental governance. Experience in low- and middle-income countries is important for future work with the Regional Stewardship Hubs of the Wyss Academy.

Candidates have a strong empirical focus in their research, and a proven track record of using an innovative methodological portfolio. They strive to further develop and expand their scientific excellence through inter- and transdisciplinary research as well as embracing a solution-driven approach and a commitment to collaborate with the other professorships at the Wyss Academy for Nature.

The position is a full time employment (80-100%) at the Wyss Academy for Nature located in Bern, Switzerland and will collaborate closely with the four Regional Stewardship Hubs. It will be affiliated to the Department of Social Sciences at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences and may collaborate with further research groups and centers committed to expand the University of Bern’s sustainability focus, such as the research competence centers CDE, WTI, and OCCR. Research leaders at the Wyss Academy for Nature are expected to compete for additional third-party funding enlarging their group activity.

Applications should be submitted via this online platform no later than 1 September 2022.

Furthermore, a single PDF file will need to be uploaded including a letter of motivation, a CV including references, a publication list, a teaching statement, a funding history, and a description of relevant contributions to policy and outreach. Moreover, the candidates should submit a separate 2-page research statement as a PDF file on how he or she would design a research team of approximately 2 Postdocs and 2 PhDs and how this would contribute to the Wyss Academy’s strategy and project plan and how they would collaborate with the other research teams at the Wyss Academy and beyond.

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