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01.07. - 30.09.2022

Juris North Group - upcoming events

1. IVR 2022 Bucharest Special Workshops (SW) [July 2022]

a) SW28 "The Fragmentation of Legal Theory as an Epistemic Community: Structures, Patterns, Trends."

The workshop aims to explore some key questions: "How is the global epistemic community of legal philosophers structured or patterned? How and why is the epistemic community of legal theorists unified/divided? What are the lines of division that generate exclusion/inclusion, centre/periphery?"

b) SW24 "The Veil of Ignorance, Crises and Emergencies"

Our workshop assumes all participants are rational beings aiming to apply the veil of ignorance and, therefore, invite submissions that explore (i) how a society disposes itself to respond to crises and emergencies or (ii) to its actual response to some particular crisis or emergency such as poverty, climate change, territorial disputes, terrorism and inequalities. We too welcome submissions that challenge our approach; i.e. whether such extension of Rawls is fruitful, legitimate or even Rawlsian.

These Special Workshops are part of the  World Congress of the International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy (IVR) 2022 in Bucharest, Romania. The IVR Congress will take place from 3-8 July 2022. The theme will be "Justice, Community and Freedom."

Details on the Congress including registration form:


2. Kelsen by Carsten Heidemann

From the Cambridge University Press series "Elements in Philosophy of Law" came out online on Monday "Hans Kelsen's Normativism." In case you are interested, it can be downloaded from the publisher for free until February 14th:


Congratulations Carsten and many thanks for sharing this with us!


3. Solicitors Journal (February Issue)

At the request of Paul Reeves (Solicitors Journal, Cambridge), please find a link to the February issue of the Solicitors Journal.


Note the Solicitors Journal is the world's longest-running legal journal.


4. Juris North ASAP Roundtables 2022: "Sustainability" [April-June and September (or November) 2022]

Co-organised by Academics Stand Against Poverty (Yale's ASAP) and Juris North, we'll have a set of three thematic roundtables running between April and June and a final Congress in September 2022 (or November 2022).

Lead by: Dr Jorge E. Núñez, Manchester Law School and Dr Rita G. Klapper, Manchester Business School

Thematic areas:

·      Entrepreneurship and Sustainability (practice and education): lead by Dr Rita G. Klapper (UK and international). 

·      Gender: Lead by Dr Kay Lalor (UK) and Dr Natalina Stamile (Italy)

·      Access to rights: Lead by Dr Jorge E. Núñez (UK and Latin America)

·      Poverty, Sovereignty and Economic Rights: Lead by Dr Clarice Seixas Duarte (Brazil)

More details and call for abstracts: 


5. Juris North Roundtables 2022: Kelsen in Latin America (in Spanish and Portuguese only) [April-June and September 2022]

These 2022 events will focus on how and why Kelsenian understanding has influenced Latin American scholars and practitioners.

Lead by: Dr Verónica Rodríguez-Blanco, Surrey Law School and Dr Jorge E. Núñez, Manchester Law School


·      Argentina: María Laura Delucchi (Universidad Nacional de La Plata), Dr Juan Pablo Alonso (Departamento de Filosofía del Derecho, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Derecho), Dr Julieta Rabanos (Istituto Tarello).

·      Brasil: Dr Lucas Miotto (University of Maastricht, European Law School).

·      México: Dr María de Jesús Medina Arellano (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Instituto de Investigaciones Jurídicas)

More details and call for abstracts: 





6. Juris North Monthly Discussions [Term 1 2022-23, September-December 2022]

We'll start again with our monthly discussions next term. In the meantime, should you want to present your working papers, our call for submissions is open as always. Details: