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Frist: 21.03.2021

CfP - Online-Conference "Open Science and Replicability in the Behavioural and Social Sciences" of the MethodenKompetenzZentrum, Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences, Chemnitz University of Technology

Location: virtual conference, hosted by Chemnitz University of Technology

Date: Friday, 04/30/2021

Organization: MethodenKompetenzZentrum, Prof. Dr. Jochen Mayerl, Prof. Dr. Anja Strobel, Prof. Dr. Frank Asbrock

Contact:Britta Maskow, MA; methodenkompetenzzentrumhsw.tu-chemnitzde;


Call for Papers

The Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences at the Chemnitz University of Technology is hosting an interdisciplinary online conference "Open Science and Replicability in the Behavioural and Social Sciences". The one-day conference is dedicated to the increasing importance of Open Science. The conference is intended as a forum to discuss the question: How can we implement open science in a new digital scientific culture and what are its impacts on scientific standards and practice?

Open Science practices offer increasing access to open data and research literature. Further, research processes including all steps of statistical analysis are becoming more transparent. Open Science also promises to have an impact on fundamental procedures in peer review processes (incl. pre-registration and avoidance of publication bias) as well as transparency and replicability of research processes and results. In addition, Open Science increases the possibility for international collaboration even during the ongoing research process and enables a large number of researchers to join forces and work together on one research question. During this conference we will discuss consequences and possibilities of these aspects as well as their implementation.

The online conference "Open Science and Replicability in the Behavioural and Social Sciences" wants to provide a platform to exchange, discuss and develop innovative ways to deal with open science in practice. The conference focuses on the following central topics:

- Methodological implications of Open Science 
- Preregistration
- Open Data and Open Access
- Crowdsourcing
- Replication Crisis and Open Science

We call for submissions that address the topics above including empirical examples of replication studies and Open Science practices, methodological considerations, and concrete technical ways to implement Open Science.

The conference is intended to serve as a platform for discussion and presentation and will be framed by two keynotes, including one by Prof. Simine Vazire, Ph.D (University of Melbourne, School of Psychological Sciences, Australia).

We welcome submissions in form of classic conference presentations, scientific posters (for a virtual poster session via, or short thesis papers for workshop discussions (e.g., practical or technical implementation of Open Science; advantages and disadvantages of Open Science practices).

We invite scholars from across the spectrum of empirical behavioural and social sciences to submit their papers.

We look forward to receiving submissions by 03/21/2021. Please send your abstracts (max. 300 words) to and indicate whether your submission is a talk, poster, or workshop discussion.

To attend the conference, please send a registration e-mail with the subject “Registration”, your name and affiliation to by 04/25/2021.

There is no fee to attend the virtual conference.

We look forward to meeting you at the conference,

Prof. Dr. Jochen Mayerl, Prof. Dr. Anja Strobel, and Prof. Dr. Frank Asbrocka