Deutsche Vereinigung für Politikwissenschaft
18.11. - 23.01.2023

Online IPÖ-Forschungsseminar| Online IPE Research Seminar

organisiert vom Arbeitskreis Internationale Politische Ökonomie der DVPW

18. Nov 2022

14-15 h CET

Women‘s leadership and the gendered consequences of austerity in the public sector: Evidence from IMF programs

Financial deregulation and conflicts within the state: Why some central banks nurtured finance, while others starved it


9. Dec 2022

14-15 h CET

Big fish in a big pond – the infrastructural power of venture capital firms in the blue economy

Pathways to financialization – the case of higher education


20. Jan 2023

14-15 h CET

Geo-economics with European characteristics: Can EU development finance compete with Chinese investments?

Developmental channels: (Incomplete) development strategies in democratic Latin America


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