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Frist: 31.10.2020

CfP – Young Journal of European Affairs

The Young Journal of European Affairs (YJEA) is looking for your contribution to its first issue which will be published at the beginning of 2021! The YJEA is a junior journal based in Munich, where students can publish academic papers on European Union policies from the very beginning of their academic career. From the first semester onwards, we offer students an alternative to having their papers, some of which already contain a lot of work and potential, disappear into oblivion after grading. The YJEA provides students with opportunities to learn important key qualifications during their education, which are essential for a potential career in science.

You are eligible to publish if you are still studying. Papers by PhD candidates will not be accepted. Submit your papers about issues concerning the European Union from the perspective of International Relations, mainly but not exclusively focussing on these four policy areas:

  •       European Public Policy
  •       European Integration
  •       European Foreign, Security and Defence Policy
  •       Political Economy

You will benefit from our double-blind peer-reviewing procedure, which is in line with the highest academic standards of quality assurance and used in most senior academic journals as well. Experienced academics will give you feedback on the conception of your work as well as your academic style and your methodological approach.

We exclusively accept academic articles. Book reviews or shorter opinion pieces will not be published in the Young Journal of European Affairs. Articles might have been written as coursework for university, your bachelor thesis, or as independent work. Please notice the format requirements on our website (

There is no guarantee that your paper will be published. This depends on the outcome of the peer-reviewing. The review process might take six months or more. Also, check our website for more information on plagiarism.