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29.07. - 31.07.2020

GESIS Training – Short Course A: Introduction to Stata for Data Analysis, Online via Zoom

Short Course A: Introduction to Stata for Data Analysis


Anne-Kathrin Stroppe, Nils Jungmann

Date: 29.07 - 31.07.2020

Location: Online via Zoom


Course description

[This is a 12 hour class.]

This course will give a thorough introduction to the Statistics Software Stata. It is tailored to the needs of academics and other research practitioners who are new to Stata or who wish to refresh their skills. The course will not cover basic statistical methods but how to apply these methods using Stata.

In the first part of the course, we will cover the program's interface and give an introduction to its syntax structure and basic rules to write clean and reproducible Stata code. Subsequently, we will provide you with skills in hands-on data management, common data analyses, and the visualizing of results. Depending on the participants' prior knowledge, we will be able to give further insight into the automatization of data wrangling and analyses procedures and the export of publication-ready results. Also, we will review available help and support features (online and offline) to equip participants with the necessary knowledge to further develop their skills and solve occurring problems.

A detailed syllabus for this course is available for download here.