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Veröffentlicht am: 12.09.2023

Transformative Change in a Social Science and Humanities Perspective (for female applicants) (tenure-track)

Johannes Kepler University, Linz

Bewerbungsfrist: 11.10.2023

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The School of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSSH) at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Business & Economics at the Johannes Kepler University Linz announces a six-year, full-time tenure-track position for female candidates holding a doctorate/Ph.D. in accordance with the collective agreement for university employees and the UG (Austrian Universities Act).

In accordance with the concept to support the advancement of women (the JKU Plan for the Advancement of Women), the position is open solely to female applicants.

The university welcomes applications by highly qualified junior female scientists holding a doctorate/Ph.D. An optional qualification agreement can be signed and following a positive decision, a permanent position as an associate professor can be offered (§ 99 (5) and (6) UG).

The post holder works on the conditions, trajectories and consequences of past and present transformative change. The complexity of the social, political, cultural, ecological and economic dimensions of transformations should be taken into account so far as possible. The research perspective on transformative change should be anchored in at least one social science or humanities discipline (e.g. history, philosophy, political science, sociology). In addition, the ability for interdisciplinary cooperation, especially with other social sciences and humanities, is expected.

A research focus on at least one of the following thematic areas is desired:

  • socio-ecological transformations
  • interrelations between socio-economic change and political orders
  • changes in national, transnational, and global conflict and cooperation relations
  • methodological and theoretical foundations of the analysis of transformative change.

The candidate should demonstrate academic/scientific activities following the completion of her doctorate/Ph.D., as well as outstanding publications. The completion of a doctorate/Ph.D. program should no longer than 6 years. Teaching experience, international experience, as well as proficient language skills in English are an advantage.

Detailed information about the position is available at job description contains information about the position’s strategic positioning in the field of research, administrative responsibilities, the type of research expected, expected contributions to our educational program, main qualification objectives to be attained as part of the position, key information about the existing research infrastructure, and other job-specific requirements.

The minimum annual salary in accordance with the collective agreement is EUR 60,926.60. Once a qualification agreement has been signed, the minimum annual gross salary will be EUR 71,738.80. Overpayment is possible.

If you have any questions, please contact Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tobias Wiß, E-Mail: tobias.wissjkuat,
P: +43 732 2468 7166.