Deutsche Vereinigung für Politikwissenschaft
Frist: 30.04.2022

CfP - PVS/GPSQ Special Issue

Politische Vierteljahresschrift/German Political Science Quarterly (PVS/GPSQ) is the German journal of Political Science co-produced by the German Political Science Association (DVPW) and Springer VS. Published four times a year, the journal presents contributions from all areas and sub-areas of Political Science by and for the German and international political science community.

The editorial board of PVS/GPSQ is inviting proposals for a special issue, preferably in English language. Special issues should be devoted to a topic of general interest to the discipline, relevant across different subfields. Prospective guest editors of a special issue should submit proposals to pvs-redaktiondvpwde by 30 April 2022.

Special issues should consist of a substantial editorial introduction (of max. 5000 words) plus six to nine articles that conform to PVS/GPSQ's submission criteria. One of these articles can be a literature overview (max. 8500 words), up to two contributions can be research notes (max. 5000 words). Critical papers which need to be the main format of the special issue may not exceed 9000 words.

The PVS editorial board aims to strengthen the competitiveness of special issues and at the same time open up opportunities for researchers who are less involved in networks (e.g. early career researchers) to participate in special issues. For this reason, the current call is semi-open, meaning that guest editors are expected to include information about five to seven selected articles in their proposal, and initiate an open call for further contributions, if their proposal should be selected by the editorial board.

A proposal for a special issue should include the following:

1. Outline of theme and rationale in terms of theoretical significance, timeliness, and general interest to the discipline,

2. abstracts (250 words) of the proposed articles (five to seven articles and editorial introduction),

3. very brief biographies for authors and guest editors,

4. plan for the execution of the open call and integration of respective manuscripts.

Prospective guest editors will be informed whether their proposal has been accepted by 31 May 2022 at the latest.

Guest editors will be responsible for ensuring that the articles are submitted online by 30 November 2022 in accordance with PVS/GPSQ's submission guidelines. The PVS/GPSQ editorial board will be responsible for arranging the double-blind peer review of the articles. Queries concerning the special issues should be directed to Eric Linhart, Editor in Chief, and Niclas Hüttemann, Managing Editor, at pvs-redaktiondvpwde.