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Frist: 19.08.2020

CfA – BGSS International Doctoral Program

Second Call for Applications 2020:

The Berlin Graduate School of Social Sciences (BGSS) is calling for applications to its International Doctoral Program starting in October 2020.

Research proposals should relate to the empirical analysis of the following research areas and topics. Cross-cutting topics and methods as well as comparative designs are welcome!


Migration, Education, Work and Labor, Social Demography, Social Inequality and Change, Welfare State


Democracy and Political Institutions, Constitutionalism and Rule of Law, Political Behavior of Individuals and Collective Actors, Political Economy

Admission is based on academic excellence and is open to students with a master’s degree (120 CP, state accreditation) or equivalent in social sciences (sociology, political science, and neighboring disciplines such as economics). We expect high- level knowledge of current theoretical debates in the social sciences. Precondition for the application is the documentation of in-depth knowledge of quantitative or qualitative techniques of social research, the commitment to empirical research, and English proficiency at an academic level.

Applicants need to have secured doctoral funding (e.g. scholarship or research position) until the start of the program (second half of October). Successful applicants whose dissertation project addresses the above-mentioned themes in an East European context will be considered for funding by the Centre for East European and International Studies in Berlin (ZOiS) in conjunction with a part- time position in a research project.

Membership at the BGSS and its doctoral programs is contingent on the successful completion of the annual curricular milestones.

Please submit your application until August 19, 2020 via the BGSS online platform:

For further information please visit us at or contact us via bgsshu-berlinde