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Frist: 31.03.2019

CfP - Panel: Religion and Sovereignity Movement -The 26th International Conference of Europeanists, Madrid

Council for European Studies
The 26th International Conference of Europeanists
Madrid, June 20-22, 2019


Abstract: Religion is a salient aspect of a global public order. Extensive migration flows and the growth of religious pluralism alongside with different levels of secularization have led to diverse relationship between religion and state/region. Religiously framed conflicts and revivals of some forms of religious beliefs challenge the sovereignty of European secular states. More and more, religious communities claim their right to be part of the European public sphere, thereby also relying on transnational ties and kin state relationships. Moreover, populist movements and nationalistic governments use religiously inspired concepts and values to foster their own claims. Thus, it is necessary to gain understanding of the impact and linkage between religion and sovereignty.
The panel will examine the aspects of the relationship between religions and contemporary sovereignty movements, considering internal aspects within a religious group, between the religious groups, as well as the external aspects of regulating the interaction between religion and the state/region. Therefore, this panel aims to address questions such as: What is the role of religion in new sovereignty movements? How do sovereignty movements affect religious communities? What is the impact of sovereignty claims in particular contexts? (How) are claims of religious minorities threatening the sovereignty of a State? All these aspects will be considered through a multi- and interdisciplinary approach encompassing disciplines such as law, sociology, religious science, philosophy, and political science.

Language: English

Interested candidates are invited to submit their abstracts to: ciobanu.rodica.iongmailcom