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Friday, 28. October 2016 10:54 Uhr Alter: 1 Jahr(e)

IPSA Statement on Academic Freedoms of Scholars in Turkey

Kategorie: Informationen

Von: F. Wurm

Executive Committee der IPSA hat Statement verabschiedet

IPSA Statement on Academic Freedoms of Scholars in Turkey

The International Political Science Association views with grave concern the fact that a number of Turkish scholars including political scientists have recently lost their jobs on account of having signed a “Peace Petition” several months ago. As indicated in the IPSA Statement on Academic Freedoms, free exchange of ideas is vitally necessary for scientific endeavor and debate. IPSA believes that expression of opinion by academics, however unpopular this may be, is an integral part of their job and that they should not be sanctioned for simply expressing opinions. We urge the Turkish government and university authorities to reconsider their decisions and to reinstate the scholars to their jobs and provide a safe environment for them in which they may freely pursue their scholarly activities.

Unanimously adopted by the IPSA Executive Committee